Loopholes in our medicare system.

I recently moved from Moncton, NB, to Montreal, Que. Before I left NB my doctor ran some tests and sent me the results in Montreal. My results showed abnormalities in my breast and lung, and I had to have the tests repeated. I went to the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, saw a doctor, and had a series of tests done. Quebec does not accept out-of-province medicare, so I had to pay for all the tests and visits. These included blood tests, X-rays, mammograms and an MRI. The cost was $1,200.00. I called New Brunswick Medicare and they sent me reimbursement forms, which I filled out and submitted. Of the $1,200.00, only $217.00 was reimbursed. I called New Brunswick Medicare and was informed that Quebec submits a code book of costs to the other provinces. According to the Quebec code book, an MRI, for which I paid $350.00, only costs $15.00. Why was I charged $350.00 and what happened to the $335.00 I wasn’t reimbursed? I am a retired senior on a fixed income. I had to use a credit card to pay for basic medical care, and then did not get reimbursed! Apparently medicare is not nationwide in Canada! After one year in Montreal, I moved back to Moncton. Thank you for this forum to discuss loopholes in our medicare system.

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